Sobex Tech Plugin

Sobex Tech Plugin

We are pleased to present our professional menu, sidebar, and header widget filter for WooCommerce, powered by the Sobex Tech plugin. Our goal is to enhance your online shopping experience with a sleek and user-friendly interface.
In an online store, the golden time to attract customers is Sobex Tech plugins the moment when the customer enters the site for the first time, If the site is not beautiful enough, organized, and has an easy user interface, you will lose that customer forever!
Accurate and easy operation of the store site is one of the main factors in persuading customers to buy.
One of the problems that can be seen abundantly in stores built with WooCommerce or other well-known content management systems (CMS), is limitations, repetitive appearance, not very attractive user interface, and lack of easy access to existing content,
which in some cases, such as the sidebar list or the WooCommerce filter system, will lead to serious problems.
Sobex Tech plugin, with powerful performance and many practical features, will be by your side to create creative lists, sidebar filters, and header smart filters,
By preparing and adding the Sobex Tech plugin to your online store, you can optimize your site’s performance and satisfy your customers with the professional filters that this plugin provides, without reloading the page and also by removing searches without results. With Sobex Tech Plugin, have a smart, professional, and completely exclusive store.
Sobex Tech plugins

Download Sobex plugin Trial Version from WordPress

You can obtain a trial version of the Sobex Tech plugin from the WordPress repository. This allows you to easily utilize the Sobex plugin, albeit with limited features. Simply search for the plugin name (Sobex Tech) in the WordPress repository or click the button below.

Most Prominent Features of Sobex Tech Plugin

Sobex Tech Plugin is the modern concept of filtering your Woocommerce store. It is The First Step To Your Store To Make it More Professional From The Virtual And Practical Side.

sobex tech plugin

Anti Interfaces

Sobex Tech plugin will not interference with any other plugins in your WordPress.

sobex tech plugin

No Zero Result

You will no longer face the filter result with an inconclusive error or a white screen.

sobex tech plugin

Smart Integration

Sidebar and header filter widgets will be integrated into your WooCommerce.

sobex tech plugin-Menu

Sidebar Menu

Sobex Menu is an innovative, visually appealing menu system with 4 layers. Its sleek design and breadcrumb feature make navigation effortless. Customize each layer with icons and use filtering inputs for a seamless client experience.

sobex tech plugin-inputs


The plugin has advanced filtering inputs with checkboxes and radio buttons and other inputs. It allows customers to select multiple or single options for refining their search.

sobex tech plugin-widget

Header Filter

Sobex Header Filter is a plugin with advanced filtering options, smart capabilities, and color filtering. It allows users to customize the appearance to match their website’s design. Essential for WooCommerce online stores.

sobex tech plugin-edit

Professional Editing

Sobex tech plugin provides professional editing for widgets. Customize the filter’s look to match your website’s design with font styles, colors, and layouts. Seamlessly integrate the filter with your website’s aesthetic.

sobex tech plugin AI

Smart Technology

Sobex revolutionizes online shopping by offering innovative features that effortlessly enhance the user experience. With cutting-edge technology, this powerful tool redefines how users interact with product filtering on shopping platforms.

sobex tech plugin-Color-widget

Color Widget

Sobex tech also allows users to filter products by color. This feature is particularly useful when customers are looking for products in specific shades or hues, making it easier for them to find exactly what they are looking for.

Supports Multilanguage

If your website is a multilingual site, consider yourself fortunate as Plugin Sobex tech is here to support you and enhance the professionalism and integration of your site.
sobex tech plugin WPML


Sobex Tech plugin seamlessly integrates with WPML, enabling multilingual support for websites with ease and efficiency.

sobex tech plugin English Persian Arabic


The Sobex tech Admin Dashboard panel is translated into three different languages, such as English, Arabic, and Persian.

sobex tech plugin RTL LTR


Sobex Tech plugin offers support for both RTL and LTR website directions, ensuring seamless functionality and user experience.

Sobex Tech plugins world languages

Sobex icon library

The Sobex Tech plugin contains a custom icon library, There is a free package that contains most of what you need, and also in the future you can purchase special icon packages, and you can easily add and use them in the plugin.

Sobex Tech plugin icon library